I was born 1978 and raised in the country on the West Coast of Sweden. A sudden insight at the age of 20 led me to pursue a life working with glass.

This insight led to an obsession. I quit my job at a car paint shop and applied for schools in Denmark and in the heart of the Swedish traditional glass region, Småland. I ended up attending the National School of Glass in Orrefors.

After finishing school I worked at a number of different glass works before moving to Stockholm. Together with a few friends I started my own glass works in Vaxholm. It was during this period that I developed my own version of Swedish graal glass.

The last few years I have built a reputation among glass collectors, particularly for my graal vases. I now live, together with my wife and four children, in the heart of Sweden’s “Glass Kingdom” in Småland, surrounded by the silence of the northern forest.